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Is This The Final Straw For Marc Tyler?

Tyler was suspended by USC head coach Lane Kiffin for at least the season opener, September 3 against Minnesota.

Ranked as the second-best running back prospect by recruiting website,, in the 2007 class, the USC Trojan faithful were more than ecstatic when Marc Tyler announced on June 15, 2006 that he will not follow his father’s footsteps of becoming a Bruin, but committing to the Trojans.

Today, those ecstatic fans have lost the entire electric feel on the senior.

After Tyler’s appearance on TMZ, where he was visibly intoxicated and made comments about USC running backs, Kim Kardashian, and USC players getting paid, USC head coach Lane Kiffin announced Monday that Tyler has been suspended for the season opener on Sept. 3 against Minnesota.

It doesn’t end there as Kiffin also announced that Tyler has been suspended "from all team activities."

On that note, this writer believes that Tyler has crossed the line and should be suspended further.

In April, Tyler was involved in an incident in which he allegedly spit on a female student while intoxicated and another time where he allegedly inappropriately touched another female student at a bar. He’s currently awaiting possible disciplinary action from USC’s Office of Student Judicial Affairs because of those incidents.

"I have apologized to all parties and I have sought counseling both within and outside the university," said Tyler in his statement in regards to the incidents. I’m guessing those counseling sessions have really turned on for the better with Tyler. 

"I want to apologize for embarrassing USC, my teammates and coaches," said Tyler in a statement issued today in regards to his appearance on  "I am disappointed that I let down all the people who have supported me as I have been working through some personal issues."

Tyler continued, "As a veteran player, I should know that my job is to be an example for the younger guys.  I accept my punishment and I regret that I will miss the opening game of my senior year. I am committed to doing everything the right way so that I can be reinstated to the team."

We are within about seven weeks from college football and Tyler’s actions after the 2010 season have not hinted that he is ready for fall practice.  Tyler also missed a large chunk of spring practice because he was overweight and injured his hamstring on the first day of practice. 

So why hasn’t Tyler been kicked off the team? You have to wonder about that after a these few incidents really question his determination to continue to be the top running back in the team’s rotation.  But he’s only the team’s viable "big back", don’t think incoming-freshman Buck Allen will be ready.

And that’s only the real reason why Tyler should stay.  He was hampered earlier in his career by nagging leg injuries as well as the uprising of Allen Bradford.  Ranked high in the 2007 class by various recruiting sites, it is appropriate to label Tyler as a bust.

Tyler did manage to record 913 yards last year, but that was because of his will to pass Bradford as the top big back.  Now that the role was seemingly his for the taking, his lack of will and determination made him apologize twice to the media and USC within months.

Kiffin did the right thing to suspend Tyler, but at some time you have to wonder just how many straws Tyler has.

How many negative headlines can USC take?