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2011 NFL Draft: Cowboys Could Be Targeting Tyron Smith At No. 9

The 2011 NFL Draft is just about 24 hours away, and we are continuing to get more information about where the top prospects in the Draft might go. That includes USC tackle Tyron Smith, who has been mentioned as a potential pick of the Dallas Cowboys at No. 9 overall by pretty much anyone who cares to share their opinion. That includes Clifton Brown of Sporting News, who reports that the Cowboys might have some legitimate interest in Smith.

Holding the No. 9 pick in Thursday’s draft, the Cowboys are widely believed to be targeting USC tackle Tyron Smith. If not Smith, the Cowboys could opt for a pass rusher like Wisconsin defensive end J.J. Watt, or cornerback Prince Amukamara of Nebraska.

Brown makes sure to mention how odd of a pick this would be for the Cowboys, because they have not taken an offensive lineman in the first round since Jerry Jones has owned the team. Smith could be the first one in 22 years. But we'll know more by this time on Friday.