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2011 NFL Draft: NFL Scout Touts Jordan Cameron's Upside

Whichever team drafts Jordan Cameron will have to understand that he is not a finished product. He only played tight end in major college football this past season at USC. But Cameron has incredible athletic talent, and the potential to develop into a serious threat as a tight end. But Cameron knows that his path to the NFL has been made a little bit easier by the success of other basketball players turned tight ends like Antonio Gates, but most recently Jimmy Graham; according to Mike Triplett of

"It didn't hurt how well he did," Cameron said during a break between pre-draft visits to Oakland, Tampa Bay, Miami and New Orleans during the past week. "I get a lot of comparisons to him. So obviously it helps me for a guy like that to show that guys like us can make the transition and succeed early in the NFL."

An NFL scout in attendance of one of Cameron's recent workout compared him favorably to Graham, saying that Cameron had even more upside. If he can show a team that he has the ability to perform the technical aspects of being a tight end (blocking, route-running), he could be a very rapid climber up NFL draft boards.