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Mitch Mustain, Arrested Tuesday, Will Not Be Charged With A Felony

Mitch Mustain, the former USC quarterback, was arrested Tuesday night on suspicion of selling prescription narcotics — a far fall from grace since he first came on the scene for the Trojans.

The news got better for Mustain on Thursday, however, as ESPN’s Pedro Moura is reporting that Mustain will not be charged with a felony.

“Given that Mustain has no record, and that this is his first contact with law enforcement, it is appropriate that it be referred to the City Attorney’s Office for misdemeanor consideration,” officials wrote in a charge evaluation form Thursday.

The former Trojan quarterback was arrested for allegedly selling Adderall to an undercover officer. Upon further review, however, the substance was apparently identified as lisdexamfetamine dimesylate which is similar to Adderrall but apparently considered a controlled substance and thus doesn’t necessarily carry the felony punishment that Adderall would have brought Mustain.

According to ESPN, Mustain still could have been charged with a felony because he advertised the substance as Adderall, but prosecutors opted to send the case to the Los Angeles City Attorney’s office and limit the charges to a possible misdemeanor.

Mustain’s bail was originally set at $30,000 but lowered to $10,000 on Wednesday when he eventually posted bail and was released later Wednesday evening.

The former top prospect only started one game for the Trojans at quarterback, but had been preparing for the upcoming NFL Draft and was even on campus earlier Tuesday.