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College Football Rankings, Week 15: Idle USC Trojans Likely To Rise In AP Poll

USC was tied for ninth in the AP poll with Boise State last week.

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The USC Trojans didn't play this week, as their season ended a week ago with their 50-0 shutout of the UCLA Bruins. But thanks to a slew of losses by highly ranked teams, USC will likely end up rising a few spots in the Associated Press poll on Sunday morning. The Trojans had their highest ranking of the year in last week's poll, tied for ninth with the Boise St. Broncos.

There were two losses on Saturday by teams ahead of USC. The No. 5 Virginia Tech lost 38-10 to No. 21 Clemson in the ACC Championship Game, and the No. 7 Houston lost 49-28 to No. 24 Southern Miss in the Conference USA Championship Game.

Looking at last week's AP poll, the bottom five of the top 10 were very tightly bunched:

Associated Press Poll, November 26
Rank Team Record Points  This Week
6 Arkansas 10-2 1,060  Did not play
7 Houston 12-1 1,055  Lost 49-28
8 Oregon 11-2 1,054  Beat UCLA 49-31
9 USC 10-2 1,053  Did not play
9 Boise State 11-1 1,053  Beat New Mexico 45-0

The Trojans will certainly rise in Sunday's AP poll. They could be as high as No. 6 in the final regular season poll, if they manage to jump Arkansas and pull ahead of Boise State. Or, they could be as low as No. 8, as Virginia Tech and Houston drop below them.

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