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USC's Lane Kiffin Tweets Britney Spears a Happy Birthday

The bright lights of Hollywood are rather far from the campus of USC, but that doesn't mean head football coach Lane Kiffin still doesn't want them shining on him. 

In a tweet sent out on Friday, Kiffin made sure to wish Britney Spears a happy birthday on twitter, and for what apparent reason very few of us know.

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Happy 30th Birthday Britney! @britneyspears
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Perhaps Lane is simply a fan, an aficionado on her entire oeuvre,  reaching out to her on this most important of occasions, her 30th birthday. 

Or maybe Lane knows her. I mean, he tweeted her by her first name, maybe they're old buddies? 

He conceivably could have been put up to it by one of his daughters, figuring his "celebrity" status could possible merit a retweet that she could enjoy for the rest of her days. 

Whatever reason, it's weird. Well, not weird, but I just can't stop asking the question "why?"

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