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Pac 12 Football Schedule Week 10: Oregon Vs. Washington Fights With LSU Vs. Alabama For Spotlight

The Pac 12 college football schedule is all over the TV dial this weekend, with two ABC/ESPN broadcasts, one on FSN, and another on NBC's Versus. We'll help you find your alma mater, unless you're looking for Washington St. Cougars vs. California Golden Bears or Utah Utes vs. Arizona Wildcats. You'll need an advanced satellite sports package to get those regional network only games. 

On ESPN's family of networks you have a Tier 1 matchup: 


ABC: Stanford Cardinal at Oregon St. Beavers 12:30 pm

The USC at Colorado game was picked up as part of ESPN's initial buy back in May. With Colorado floundering in the Pac, it'll likely be their only game on ESPN this year. The Stanford game is a recent pickup, and against Oregon St. this game will just be an excuse to praise Andrew Luck some more.

Fox Sports has just one Pac 12 game this weekend: 

FSN: Oregon Ducks at Washington Huskies 7:30 pm

Really, it's the best game of the bunch. The Huskies are always tough at home, and this Cascadian rivalry might be enough to give the Ducks a run for their money, like the California rivalry did to Stanford last weekend. 

UCLA ends up on Versus this week: 

Versus: Arizona St. Sun Devils at UCLA Bruins 4:30 pm

If last week's UCLA can show up again, the Bruins might be able to give the Sun Devils a scare. It's a well balanced schedule this week, no Pac 12 conflicts. Starting noon Saturday, one could watch a whole slate of Pac12 action, uninterrupted, without the need for an advanced cable package. Of course, the most anticipated game of the weekend is CBS's #1 v #2 matchup. 

CBS: LSU Tigers at Alabama Crimson Tide 5:00 pm

Not sure how ESPN is going to handle it's Gameday broadcast this week. Erin Andrews was in Baton Rogue Monday, and the whole gang is supposed to be broadcasting from Tuscaloosa from Thursday on, with the Gameday broadcast Saturday morning. That includes Kirk Herbstreit, who calls ESPN's game of the week, and had to catch a flight to Stillwater, OK right after Game Day. Looks like ESPN is going out of their way to promote a game on another network, and is punting this week. Interesting.