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USC Football Recruiting: Trojans Lead For Ellis McCarthy

The USC Trojans have one big defensive target they'd like to land--Monrovia defensive tackle Ellis McCarthy. McCarthy is already a beast at this level and could very likely become a dominant interior tackle in the future.

(via utrhighlightvideos)

USC has long been considered one of the favorites for perhaps the best recruit in all of Southern California; currently Cal looks like the biggest competition. Ed Orgeron and Tosh Lupoi are not only two of the best line coaches in the country, but  they're also two of the best college recruiters as well.

However, it does look as if McCarthy has found a favorite. Fred Robledo of Inside SoCal with the report.

Big-time recruit Ellis McCarthy, whom [McCarthy's coach] Maddox is hoping goes to USC. In fact, Maddox sort of broke some news, saying USC is at the top of McCarthy's list, followed by California and Oregon

Of course, his high school head coach does want him to become a Trojan, so that could just be him talking. And it doesn't matter as much about him liking USC now as liking USC last. You have to figure he's a natural fit for the Trojans if he does decide in their favor though. 

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