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USC vs. Colorado, Odds: Why The Trojans Are Favored By Three TDs

As Lane Kiffin and his USC Trojans get ready to take on the Colorado Buffaloes this Saturday, the oddsmakers aren't backing down from their picks created earlier in the week, as the Trojans are favored by three touchdowns or more, depending on where you place your bets. Are the Buffs really that bad and the Trojans really that good to be favored this heavily on the road? Well, in a word, yes. 

Colorado has never, ever beaten USC dating back to 1927, with the closest the Buffs ever getting to a win was a 17-14 loss back in 2000. So that's already not a good start for Colorado. 

The Trojans are coming off of a tough game, and will likely be getting some 'payback' against Colorado this week. Coach Kiffin himself said that is was a 'positive' experience for USC, proving that they can compete with the big boys and are talented enough to win anywhere. 

The Buffs are amongst the bottom of the barrel in a number of statistical categories in the FBS, including points for (111th 18.8 per game) points against (117th, 38.3 per game) and rushing yards (114th, 90.0 per game). USC is ranked a minimum of 40 spots higher than Colorado in all these categories. 

The talent level between these teams is almost unfair as well, and I'd wholeheartedly expect a one-sided beat down by the hands of USC this Saturday. 

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