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Puff Daddy's Son Justin Combs Commits To UCLA Bruins Football

The UCLA Bruins have had a rough patch of news this week. Perhaps some news that's straight Hollywood will brighten their spirits.

Justin Combs expressed interest in being a UCLA Bruin earlier this year and received an offer for his efforts. Despite the rough patch of news this week, Combs ended up committing to UCLA over schools like Illinois, Virginia, Wyoming, Middle Tennessee and Alabama-Birmingham. Hardly an impressive list, but think of the name involved!

Check out his tape.

(via DayInTheLifeOfDior)

If you look at Combs on tape, it's clear that he's not the most amazing prospect out there. There are definitely things he's pretty good at and he seems to excel against the level of competition he's up against, but he has a lot of work to do before he's ready to take a Pac-12 field and be a strong coverage corner. It'll definitely be a fascinating dynamic to see him in Westwood in a city which his father was once one of the top celebrities.

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