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USC Vs. UCLA: Will Rick Neuheisel Keep His Job?

After the UCLA Bruins' worst defeat against the USC Trojans since 1930, it wasn't surprising that Rick Neuheisel's job security was in question. With the Bruins having at least one more game in their season, it was unlikely that any immediate action would be taken. However, shortly after the game, the hot seat reportedly got a lot hotter. 

Multiple sources close to UCLA football program have told me tonight that Rick Neuheisel's firing will be announced tomorrow. Sunday.
11/26/11 10:35 PM

Firing Neuheisel tomorrow would be an admission by the UCLA athletic department that the Bruins have no chance in the Pac 12 championship game. While removing Neuheisel from his position would certainly appease some factions of the alumni, giving up on a season with potentially two games left in it would certainly anger others. Thus it's not surprising the Athletic Director is reportedly still behind his football coach. 

Per UCLA A.D. Dan Guerrero, Rick Neuheisel IS coaching Friday in PAC-12 title game
11/26/11 10:38 PM

Guerrero then went on to call the game a devastating loss. Regardless of how his employment status shakes out, tonight's loss was certainly an embarrassment for a coach who launched an ad campaign stating USC's monopoly on Los Angeles football was at an end. 

At least Rick Neuheisel can take solace in knowing he's not the only Pac 12 coach who's job is in jeopardy. Reports late Saturday night were that Dennis Erickson and Paul Wulff were out at Arizona St. and Washington St. respectively, and that Arizona St.'s AD might be out as well. It's hard to remember a time when there was this much potential turnover in the Pac 12 coaching ranks.