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Matt Barkley NFL Draft News: USC OT Matt Kalil Will Probably Return If His QB Returns

Matt Barkley of the USC Trojans is still undecided about whether he wants to return to start his senior season on a team without bowl eligibility. He could have some added pressure as another potential top five draft pick on his team might make his decision based on what his quarterback does.

Left tackle Matt Kalil is considered the best offensive linemen in college football and has done a good job keeping Barkley safe on his blind side. Kalil has gone on record about what he might end up doing. Gary Klein of the Los Angeles Times reports.

The Matts will decide separately, but Kalil anticipates a "chain reaction" that will result in the "double package" either moving on or staying put.

"We either both leave or we both stay," he said recently. "I think that's the way it will play out."

Said Barkley: "I think it would be a big factor but not a definite yes or a definite no."

Kalil and Barkley leaving would force USC to rebuild and retool their offense around new veteran leadership in the line and under center. Returning? The Trojans could win a national championship. A lot is riding on the decisions of these two on whether they want to restore glory to Heritage Hall or turn pro and take their talents to the next level.

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