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UCLA vs. USC: Lane Kiffin Confused Over UCLA Ditching Home-and-Home Jerseys

USC Trojans insider Scott Wolf spoke with head coach Lane Kiffin at Wednesday's practice at Howard Jones Field, with Kiffin sharing his confusion on UCLA's decision to not wear their home jersey's for Saturday battle of Los Angeles, ending the home-and-home jersey tradition. 

Although Lane Kiffin said he would consider a possible uniform change for next season's meeting with UCLA it next, he was critical of the idea at Wednesday's practice:

"I don't understand it at all. Everything I heard was Rick (Neuheisel) was all for (both teams wearing their home uniforms)."

USC athletic director Pat Haden also commented on the switch, echoing the sentiment of a lot of Trojan football fans in the process:

"That's their call. We value our traditional uniforms.''

Coach Kiffin said that "We'll listen every year" to possibly changing their uniforms, though not this year. 

UCLA has won the Lexus Gauntlet only once since 1999, and with USC coming off their best win of the season over the Oregon Ducks, they will certainly have their hands full this Saturday at the Coliseum. 

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