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UCLA Vs. USC: Rick Neuheisel Claims Bruins Have 'Closed The Gap' With Trojans

Rick Neuheisel is on the hot seat in Westwood for another lackluster performance this season, even if it's looking like the UCLA Bruins will be going to a bowl game and still have a slim chance of not only winning the Pac-12 South, but also the Pac-12 Championship game. Comments like these will not help his case for sticking around.

Neuheisel on #USC: "We've got a chance to win the championship. We've closed the gap." #UCLA
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Yes, UCLA has a solid conference record at 5-3 in the conference. But three of those wins are to bottom dwellers Washington State, Oregon State and Colorado. They have two average wins against 6-5 Arizona State and Cal. And they have three non-competitive losses to Stanford (expected), Utah (probably a team equal in talent to them) and three-win Arizona (inexcusable). Meanwhile, USC has beaten Oregon, nearly beat Stanford, and if they beat UCLA this week would probably be headed to another BCS bowl if they were eligible.

Additionally, UCLA has lost all four games against USC in the Rick Neuheisel era, outscored 108-35. If Neuheisel plans on closing the gap with the Trojans, he might have to start with the scoreboard.

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