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Week 10 College Football Rankings: USC Trojans Drop One Spot To No. 21

The USC Trojans have to be encouraged by their play after losing in dramatic fashion in triple overtime to the Pac-12's best last Saturday night. Still, a loss is a loss, and in the world of the college football rankings that probably means you're going to drop a bit. USC fell to 21st in the latest SB Nation blogpoll rankings, but it's only one spot from their current position.

USC might not have much longer to last on the blogpoll rankings though; after an unintimdiating road trip to Boulder this Friday night to face the Colorado Buffaloes, the Trojans now have to face both the Washington Huskies and the Oregon Ducks, perhaps the two best teams remaining other than Stanford. USC has to be encouraged by they way they played against Stanford though, and has to feel like they have a puncher's chance against either of those teams and win at least one of those two contests, which should keep them in the hunt to be ranked.

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