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Notre Dame Football Fan Puts Lost Timeouts From USC Game On eBay

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Notre Dame Fighting Irish football fans still aren't dealing with their loss to the USC Trojans all that well. Or maybe they are. At least someone seems set to profit off of it. Check it out on eBay.  Ad quotes after the jump.

For your consideration, I am offering today 2 Official, Brand New, Second Half timeouts from the University of Notre Dame Football Team. Both of these timeouts are brand new, however, they are out of the box, and technically expired.

I acquired these on the field right after the completion of the game against thier bitter rival, the USC Trojans, on October 22, 2011. Both of these timeouts came up missing toward the end of the game, when a timeout was desperately needed, and the Irish defense needed a rest. Although many players and staff searched for them, they were hidden in the Notre Dame end zone, and went unnoticed.

I am a lifelong ND fan, and had intended on keeping them as a momento, however, due to the overwhelming concern as to where they went, why they were not used, (to the point that some were making accusations as to why they were not utilized) I felt this may be a good auction item. There's obviously a large number of people wanting to use them! Now, IF YOUR THE WINNING BIDDER, you get to walk out by the field, and call them yourself!

I'm not sure what's funnier. The fact that someone put this much time into this silly ad, or that we're up to $20 for the top bid. In the era of ridiculous.

(HT Reddit)

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