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USC Quarterback Matt Barkley Can't Get Enough Of These Crazy Jack-O-Lanterns

The USC Trojans suffered a tough defeat on Saturday night, but quarterback Matt Barkley is trying to keep his spirits up. There's only one salve for a heartbreaker of a loss, and that salve is clearly...jack-o-lanterns.

Matt Barkley took to Twitter on Sunday night to ask whether anyone had any "cool pumpkins" this year. Rather than being met with a bunch of snide replies involving some permutation of "Cool pumpkin, bro," Barkley was flooded with pictures of, yes, cool pumpkins.

Barkley seemed particularly tickled by a Rick Ross jack-o-lantern, which he deemed "Ballin'!" Someone sent him a picture of a Death Star jack-o-lantern, with the curious comment "Darth Pumpkin." Not to be outdone on almost quoting Star Wars correctly, Barkley replied, "Lol the force be with you!" Ohh, so close, Matthew! So close!

When Barkley had had his fill, he thanked everyone for the "awesome pumpkin pics" and announced that he was "hitting the hay."

I think it goes without saying that everyone should start following Matt Barkley on Twitter right this second.

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