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Nebraska Cornhuskers Football Recruiting: Paul Thurston Solid, Ignoring UCLA

One of the biggest offensive line recruits in the West is Paul Thurston, offensive lineman from Arvada, Colorado. The offensive tackle is perhaps the best Thurston had a lot of interest from multiple Pac-12 schools, but he set his eyes toward the Midwest, and committed early on to the Nebraska Cornhuskers. The offensive tackle is one among many offensive tackles who could potentially be a three to four year starting offensive tackle.

Justin Hopkins of 247 Sports reports that Thurston is as solid as he can be. Interestingly, he mentions that UCLA has still remained in contact in him, making you wonder how desperately they need offensive line talent right now if they're trying to sway a solid verbal away from Lincoln. UCLA's offensive line woes are well-documented, and you figure they must be trying their best to sway Thurston back West. Not looking like it's happening though.

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