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Derrick Woods Top 4: Oklahoma, UCLA, USC, Alabama

We mentioned earlier that Inglewood wide receiver Derrick Woods, perhaps the best wideout in all of Los Angeles. He elaborated on the recruiting process with Tara Turnure of Scout, and had this information to reveal.

Oklahoma Sooners: Probably the early favorite to land him. It's one of the top programs in the country, and Woods mentioned their top status (although I wonder if their upset loss to Texas Tech changed things up). Woods is taking an official soon to November 5th to Norman.

Alabama Crimson Tide: Does have family in the South. Didn't mention too much about them, but that they're up there in the final group has to be an encouraging sign.

USC Trojans: Has a good connection with the coaching staff, just like in Oklahoma.

UCLA Bruins: Mentioned as an afterthought compared to the first three. Oklahoma, Alabama and USC seem to be the real leaders in this race.

For more on each school's recruiting news, check out SB Nation sites like Crimson and Cream Machine (Oklahoma), Roll Bama Roll (Alabama), Conquest Chronicles (USC), and Bruins Nation (UCLA).