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Shabazz Muhammad Might Be Favoring Kentucky, UCLA

Obviously, at this point when it comes to top basketball recruits, it's a guessing game as to where they really want to go. Shabazz Muhammad is the biggest fish, and no one outside of his household has any idea into his recruitment or where he's leaning, least of all him. Still, there are people throwing indicators out there.

It's way too early in the process to figure out who's in the lead for Shabazz. But Rick Broering of Rivals did throw out these nuggets that could be useful.

On Kentucky’s chances of landing him…

Depends on who you ask right now. Some say Kentucky is the leader and others will say UCLA. I think Kentucky will certainly be in there until the end.

It doesn't necessarily mean Kentucky or UCLA are leading, but since they're getting the most chatter they must be deeply in the mix. However, Shabazz has also visited those schools a lot, which could mean that he's not favoring either, it's just that he's been to each school enough to get that buzz generated for each of them.

Still, positive chatter is better than no chatter at all.

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