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Jordan Simmons Commits To USC Football Over Oregon

The USC Trojans scored two huge victories this weekend. The biggest was the huge beatdown in South Bend against the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. But they also picked up an important win when one of the top offensive lineman on the West Coast verballed to the Men of Troy. Scott Schrader of 247 Sports has more on Simmons's commitment.

Jordan Simmons seemed to always be leaning one way between Oregon and USC, but finally made a decision that favored the Trojans.  The Encino guard is considered by many to be the top offensive guard in this class, perhaps even in the whole country. Simmons could help provide that interior push that the Trojans have lacked lately in the run attack.

This somewhat softens the blow of losing Arik Armstead, but I can bet you that USC fans are sure wishing they had both of them right now to start bringing some meat back up front for the Trojans. Still, it's a positive sign for a program that needs all the recruiting momentum it can get.

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