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Notre Dame Football Quit? USC LB Chris Galippo Thinks So

The USC Trojans powered it down on the Notre Dame Fighting Irish in the final minutes, and Brian Kelly didn't even bother using his timeouts in the final minutes. This encouraged USC redshirt senior linebacker Chris Galippo to take some shots at the spirit of the opposition, and he didn't hold back at all. Seniors can probably say it since they have the street cred, but I doubt Lane Kiffin can be thrilled at the rematch he might now have to stage next year in the Coliseum.

Quote after the jump (or click here).

Fighting words from Chris Galippo: "They just quit. That's what Notre Dame football is all about. They're not anything like 'SC."
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Bold words that Galippo will never be held accountable for by Notre Dame on the field. His successors at the middle linebacker spot will have to deal with a "Quitting" Irish team determined to prove his boast wrong next Thanksgiving weekend at the Coliseum.

But until then, USC will have thirteen months to boast about how they made Notre Dame fold up the tent.

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