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USC Vs Notre Dame: RB Dillon Baxter Does Not Make The Trip To South Bend

USC sophomore running back Dillon Baxter was conspicuously absent from team functions on Friday as the Trojans prep for their game on Saturday against host Notre Dame. Baxter, a high-profile recruit in 2010 that has clashed with Head Coach Lane Kiffin, wouldn't comment on the fact that he hadn't made the trip out to South Bend this weekend, and Kiffin also refused to comment, according to the Los Angeles Times. Per ESPN, it's USC's policy to not officially address personnel matters such as who made the trip and who didn't in the time leading up to road games. They typically discuss such issues only on game day at the stadium.

Baxter rushed for 252 yards on 59 carries last season for the Trojans and has only 9 carries this year and has missed the previous two games. 

His status with the team could be in question - he met with Lane Kiffin earlier in the season to discuss his role on the team, no doubt relating to his lack of playing time. Baxter was suspended twice last season as well. 

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