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USC vs Notre Dame: Irish Set To Don Gold-Flaked Helmets, Possibly Alternate Jerseys

It looks like Notre Dame is going to be pulling out all the stops for the nationally televised matchup Saturday with USC. The Irish will apparently be rolling out special gold-flaked helmets and distributing 80,000 'rally' towels and perhaps even going with an alternate jersey, with rumors going around that the golden-domers may be donning their green jerseys for this big game. 

As Gary Klein of the Los Angeles Times points out, Notre Dame comes off an open week with some extra time to prepare, but Coach Brian Kelly insists despite the schedule considerations and uniform embellishments, the Irish are treating it like any other game, saying "We hadn't sat down and said, 'Let's get all this for the USC game.' It's just been more of a coincidence." 

I have to agree with Klein and say, 'yeah right.' I'm sure none of all the pomp and preparation has to do with the fact Notre Dame will be on primetime NBC in a big rivalry game. Though, as an objective observer, I can hardly blame the Fighting Irish for wanting to up the anticipation and flair; I'd be lying if I said it doesn't make me want to check out the game a little bit more.

When you match up two schools that are completely invested in their teams and their success, as USC and Notre Dame obviously are, it just makes the game that much more dramatic.