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PHOTO: Clay Matthews Makes Aaron Rodgers Wear USC Trojan Colors

The USC Trojans have to feel happy about where they stand at 5-1. They haven't played particularly great on offense or defense, yet they've been able to churn out victories regardless going into their big matchup against Notre Dame.

They even made one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL take a bow to the Trojans. See what Cal Golden Bear alum Aaron Rodgers had to do for USC alum Clay Matthews after USC throttled Cal 30-9 last Thursday night.

Arash Markazi's photo Thanks to @ClayMatthews52, this is what @AaronRodgers12 looked like after the USC-Cal game.
Thanks to Arash Markazi on WhoSay

Doesn't get much more humiliating than this really. This is the conqueror of Trojans, the man who once completed 23 straight passes in the Coliseum against one of the greatest college football teams to ever take the field. And now the Super Bowl XLV MVP is being humbled by his Packer teammate. Matthews has to feel like he has the upper-hand in this beautiful friendship right now.

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