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Carson Palmer Trade Helps Give Lane Kiffin The Quote Of The Week

Lane Kiffin had a rocky tenure with the Oakland Raiders, but he was saddled with the eternally hungry (seriously, the man always wanted his food) JaMarcus Russell as his quarterback.  Not much you can do in that situation really, just hope your owner is rational enough to recognize the intractable QB situation and offer some much-needed leeway in these circumstances.

Al Davis fired Kiffin early in his tenure. Patience indeed.

Kiffin was asked about the Carson Palmer trade that brought his former Trojans pupil back to Oakland, and expressed happiness for him that he was back in a positive situation. Then he was asked by Michael Lev of the Orange County Register about whether he wished he had been given Palmer during his tenure.

Kiffin's quote of the year?

 "No," he said, smiling, "we got JaMarcus."

Lane, you surprise me sometimes. You might do the strangest things you'll ever see a coach do with his team on a football field, but the man does provide the occasionally intriguing one-liner. Or something.