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Oregon Football Recruiting: Ellis McCarthy Has Ducks Leading

Top high school senior defensive tackle Ellis McCarthy might have just shaken things up in the recruiting race. McCarthy said he was going to take five visits to five schools--USC, Cal, Florida, Washington and Oregon. After his first visit to Eugene for last week's Arizona State game, he appears to have found a favorite. Adam Gorney of Rivals tweets:

has moved to the top spot for five-star defensive tackle Ellis McCarthy after his recent visit.

McCarthy was supposedly high on two schools--the Caifornia Golden Bears and the USC Trojans. Where did Oregon come from? It's not like the Ducks have a history of dominant defensive tackle play either--they've relied on their elite defensive end edge rushing and linebacking play to generate much of their defensive heat. The last great Oregon interior lineman was Haloti Ngata, and he's from another age of Oregon football altogether. 

Perhaps Chip Kelly is selling McCarthy as the next dominant Ducks defensive tackle who can help anchor a national championship powerhouse. Anyway, it has to be comforting for Oregon fans that they're starting to enter the race for the top recruits on the West Coast in every category.

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