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USC vs. Cal: Trojans Look to Pick Apart Cal Secondary, Again

The California Golden Bears are looking for some redemption from the USC Trojans for the epic 48-14 blowout they placed on them last year, while Lane Kiffen and his boys are out for a repeat performance at AT&T Park in San Francisco. USC will have a similar game plan this time around, looking to take advantage of Cal's defense early and often.

In last year's meeting Matt Barkley had five touchdown throws before the end of the first half, making the Cal secondary look like a pop warner squad while making every throw look easy. The game was in the bag long before the final whistle blew, though I wouldn't suspect the Golden Bears to just roll over again this season. Cal has some injuries in the secondary this week that will leave them a bit depleted, which is why I suspect a lot of high flying action on the shores of McCovey Cove un in San Francisco, the location of the Trojans 2009 Emerald Bowl victory.

Here's a little video to get all you Trojan fans out there hyped up for tonight, just make sure to turn off the sound. 

USC vs. Cal 2010 (via CaliforniasGold)

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