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USC To Break Ground On John McKay Center

USC breaks ground Wednesday on the new John McKay Center, the brand new athletic facilities, which is expected to cost $70 million and expected to open in 2012.

USC will be hosting a ground breaking ceremony for its new John McKay Center that is open to the public today at 11 a.m. PST. The athletic facility will be named by the legendary coach, John McKay, who spent 15 years with the Trojans from 1960-75.  He won four championships during his tenure as head coach for the USC football team. The facility will cost $70 million and includes weight room and training rooms, offices and academic centers, and other special rooms.  The top floor will be strictly dedicated to the USC football team, as well as an intramural field just next to the facility.

Among those attending are USC president Max Nikias, athletic director Pat Haden, USC head coach Lane Kiffin, and chairman of the board of trustees Ed Roski. Construction will take 18 months and is expected to be open in the summer of 2012. For drawings of the new facility, which was announced at the end of October, click here.

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