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Time For Allen Bradford To Be The Lead Dog

As Eric previously mentioned, head coach Lane Kiffin has used three different lead running backs in the last three games.

So why not decide to put the most hot back starting?

That would be senior running back Allen Bradford.

Bradford bull dozed his way through the Virginia defense to amass 131 yards, including a 56 yard run for a touchdown, with 12 carries, a 10.9 yards per carry average.

Bradford has had to over come some adversity early this season. During spring practice, it seemed clear that he was the number one option at the running back position. Bradford went as far as to say he told the offensive line to help him rack up 1400-plus rushing yards this season.

I don’t believe Bradford will reach that number if Kiffin will use a three-back rotation, but I do believe Kiffin will tab him as a starter come game time.

But then again, will it really matter? The Trojans face a team who has given up 123 points for their opponents in three games. The Washington State Cougars did have a victory this year, but it was against a team from the FCS.

On paper, Kiffin will probably start a different back each quarter.