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Monday Whimsy: This Holiday Season, Give The Gift Of Tiny Plastic People

If the increasingly omnipresent Christmas decorations visible today are any indication, November 15 marks the unofficial start of the holiday shopping season. And we've got a nice stocking-stuffer idea for those of you raising wee Trojans!

LEGO has released its second collection of special-edition minifigures this year that aren't tied to any particular theme. They're just cool little collectibles, from a lion tamer to a zombie to a mime. And there's one in the collection that's called "The Spartan Warrior," but note the coloring -- There's clearly some USC spirit at work here:

To complete the coincidence, please note other minifigs' uncanny resemblances to Ed Orgeron and Pete Carroll. Check out one of the medieval collections, where they're bound to have a white horse that could pass for a tiny Traveler, and you're all set! (And any resemblance between Rick Neuheisel and this fetching young lady is entirely coincidental.)

NB: This post is not an endorsement. We are not sponsored by LEGO in any way. But if they ever want to send us free stuff, that'd be all right.