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BCS Rankings, Week 12: Oregon Remains No. 1, Stanford No. 6

As they were in the human college football polls, the Oregon Ducks have remained atop the latest BCS standings for the third week in a row. All that stands between the Ducks and the national title game are games against Arizona and Oregon State in their final two weeks. In addition, it looks like the Pac-10 could get a second BCS bid, with the Stanford Cardinal holding strong at number six in the BCS.

Stanford has games against California and Oregon State, but may not have its fate in its own hands to make a BCS bowl game. If Oregon makes the national title game, the Rose Bowl would be required to take an automatic qualifier from a non-BCS conference -- TCU or Boise State would qualify here -- before it could choose Stanford. If LSU, Wisconsin, and Ohio State win out, there could be a scenario in which LSU and the Big Ten runner-up get chosen for BCS at-large bids before the Cardinal.

The Pac-10 has had two teams in BCS bowls just twice in the previous 12 years of the BCS. The conference does have three teams ranked in the BCS top 25. Arizona, who has lost two straight games, remains in the BCS top 25, at 22 in the latest standings.

Here is the full BCS top 25:

  1. Oregon
  2. Auburn
  3. TCU
  4. Boise State
  5. LSU
  6. Stanford
  7. Wisconsin
  8. Nebraska
  9. Ohio State
  10. Oklahoma State
  11. Alabama
  12. Michigan State
  13. Arkansas
  14. Oklahoma
  15. Missouri
  16. Virginia Tech
  17. South Carolina
  18. Nevada
  19. Texas A&M
  20. Iowa
  21. Mississippi State
  22. Arizona
  23. Utah
  24. Miami
  25. Florida State

Oregon is off next week, but Stanford plays its rivalry game, "The Game," at California on Saturday.