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Three L.A. Football Storylines To Watch This Weekend

It's a destination weekend for USC, as the Trojans journey east to face No. 18 Arizona.

1. Can Matt Barkley chill out? While it's unreasonable to expect some sort of switch to just flip with young quarterbacks, casting all their shortcomings away immediately,  Conquest Chronicles thinks Barkley should have edged his way out of the woods by now:

I realize that Barkley is a true sophomore but at what point does that become immaterial?

Many would agree that he should not have started last year. A year of "carrying the clipboard" does a quarterback good. But we are where are and we need Matt Barkley to get out of this funk.

The anxiety that he reportedly goes through is a bit perplexing. I can understand some pregame jitters but how does he not calm down during the game?

The news isn't all bad when it comes to Barkley. The kid is a gamer, we have seen him buckle down and produce. [...] He just needs to get consistent.

3. How vulnerable is Arizona's offense? Both Wildcat quarterbacks topping the Wildcats' depth chart have given their team fits recently, between alternating injuries and just bizarre on-field meltdowns. Will there be enough cracks remaining in Week 11 for the Trojans' defensive playmakers to break through?

5. Is USC poised for a reentrance to the polls? Football-wise, Arizona is the Trojans' biggest remaining challenge in 2010. Though ineligible for ranking in the Coaches' Poll and the BCS standings, a year more rife than usual with bizarre high-profile upsets makes it easier than ever for a three-loss team to sneak into the AP Poll late in the season.