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College Football Rankings, Week 6: USC Could Move Back Into Top 25 With Win Over Stanford

Even though the USC Trojans dropped from 18th to out of the AP top 25 with their loss last week to Washington, they are in a position to rejoin the college football poll party if they are able to beat No. 16 Stanford. Well, they will be able to rejoin the AP poll, at least, as they are ineligible this season for the coaches' poll.

Right now, USC is ranked 28th, in the "others receiving votes" section of the AP poll, so they only need to move up three spots to get back in the top 25. Last week, 10 teams moved up at least three spots with a win:

  • Arizona moved up from 14th to 9th
  • Utah moved up from 13th to 10th
  • Arkansas moved up from 15th to 11th
  • Miami moved up from 16th to 13th
  • Michigan State moved up from 24th to 17th
  • Nevada moved up from 25th to 21st
  • Oklahoma State moved up from 31st (unranked) to 22nd
  • Florida State moved up from 28th (unranked) to 23rd
  • Missouri moved up from 27th to 24th
  • Air Force moved up from 29th to 25th

The UCLA Bruins are 33rd in the AP poll and 37th in the USA Today coaches poll, but don't figure to join the top 25 of either poll this week, as they face unranked California. However, their next two games are against top 10 teams Oregon and Arizona, so if UCLA happens to win those games, they will surely join the polls.