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Markeith Ambles' Suspension Should Leave Any Trojan Fan's Mouth Sour

In the wake of USC’s biggest and probably most important game of the year, head coach Lane Kiffin suspended freshman wide receiver Markeith Ambles indefinitely for violating team rules on Wednesday.

During Kiffin’s post-practice interview, he didn’t give many details of the suspension except that Ambles is “simply not meeting our expectations” in regards to meeting the standards as a student.

“We have extremely high standards for our players that we expect as student-athletes. Markeith wasn’t meeting those, so he’s been suspended indefinitely,” Kiffin said from the report from ESPN Los Angeles. “What you hope is that it serves as a wake-up call, that they understand the importance of something as special as a scholarship to USC can be taken away. You hope that they respond to it.”

Ambles is exactly the player that concerns me because a player of his caliber can go to waste if responsibilities are not met. Ambles came in to USC thinking he could live in the limelight right off the bat, but instead finds himself as last in the depth chart having only caught a pass for three yards this year.

The attitude and character of Ambles disturbs the tradition of USC football. Ambles was leaning towards going to the University of Tennessee before coming to USC, no doubt in my mind Kiffin told Ambles that in order for him to shine, he has to do it off and on the field.

It’s only his freshman season and there is plenty to learn. But playing in a position stacked with talent with an ego large enough to be seen a mile away could lead to a tough decision, like transferring.

As an out-of-state recruit, Ambles should exemplify the very character USC is and spread it to other recruits that are looking to enroll at the school and not distort that image.

And no, I’m not saying he should become a “cheater”, haters.