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USC Vs. Oregon: Freshman WR Markeith Ambles Suspended Indefinitely

The USC Trojans have suspended freshman wide receiver Markeith Ambles for Saturday's game against the Oregon Ducks, per ESPN Los Angeles:

USC freshman receiver Markeith Ambles has been suspended from the team indefinitely as a result of multiple late arrivals to team functions, two team sources confirmed Tuesday night.

Ambles has caught one pass this season for three yards. After practice Wednesday, coach Lane Kiffin addressed the suspension of Ambles, as well as those of fellow freshmen linebacker/fullback Simione Vehikite and safety Patrick Hall.

"We have extremely high standards for our players that we expect as student-athletes. Markeith wasn’t meeting those, so he’s been suspended indefinitely. We still, with all our suspensions, we give them academic help downstairs with our tutors, we still continue to push them academically. If you’re not going to come here to be a student-athlete, you should go somewhere else. We’re not going to let kids come here and not take a serious approach toward academics here and just think they can play football.

"The suspensions that have happened, going back to Simi, Patrick Hall and now Markeith, have all been all young kids that didn’t understand our expectation level. None of it has to do with anything with the law or anything criminal, anything big. It’s simply not meeting our expectations," Kiffin said, "What you hope is that it serves as a wake-up call, that they understand the importance of something as special as a scholarship to USC can be taken away. You hope that they respond to it."

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