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USC Vs. Washington: Today's Game From The Huskies' Perspective

Heading into tonight's game at the Coliseum between the USC Trojans and Washington Huskies, here's a look at the game from Washington's point of view.

Lane Kiffin and Steve Sarkisian worked together for a long time under Pete Carroll at USC, and are close friends. As Greg Beacham of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer notes, the two are still close:

"Yeah, we talk. We text," Sarkisian said. "It's a good friendship. It's one that keeps us healthy in the profession, the ability to talk to another head coach and bounce ideas off him, because so much of this profession is keeping things in close and in tight, and you can't share with anybody."

Jim Berkowitz of the UW Dog Pound thinks USC will rely on its running backs tonight, and noted how Washington might combat the rushing attack:

Speaking of Dillon Baxter UW coach Steve Sarkisian has his team prepared for the Wildcat formation. Sark is either screwing with Kiffin's head or he really believes the possibility exists they will run it. Baxter has been in the dog house over the first third of the season but this may be the game they unleash his considerable abilities.

Another surprise the Trojans may have in store for the Huskies is a no huddle offense. USC used it a bit against WSU last week and we could see quite a bit of it on Saturday. Kiffin has hinted that he has been holding back on using some offensive schemes until conference play begins.

Berkowtiz also predicts a big game from Huskies' quarterback Jake Locker, even going so far as to predict a 31-28 Washington win:

I predict that Jake Locker is going to bounce back strong this weekend. He should be very comfortable working against the USC defense because he faces it in practice every single day. I think the team as a whole will be a lot more comfortable this week.

I've watched every USC game so far this season and one word describes their play...lackadaisical. I think this is the week that it catches up to them. Matt Barkley is a good looking QB but hehas been throwin too many picks lately and UW should be able to take advantage of that.

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