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College Football Rankings, Week 8: No. 1 Oregon Next Opponent For UCLA, USC

The new college football polls are out, and there is a new number one in town. The Oregon Ducks are ranked at the top of the USA Today college football poll, after back-to-back weeks in which the number one team lost. Last week, Alabama lost to South Carolina, and yesterday Ohio State lost to Wisconsin.

Standing in Oregon's way are both local teams, as they attempt to break the trend of the top team losing. The UCLA Bruins travel to Eugene to play the Ducks Thursday night on ESPN. The last time the Bruins played a top-ranked team was December 3, 2005, when they lost to USC 66-19. The last time UCLA beat a number one team was when they beat Ohio State 23-10 in the 1976 Rose Bowl.

After the Bruins, Oregon's next opponent is the USC Trojans, on October 30 at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. The last time USC played a top-ranked team was October 3, 1992, when they lost 17-10 to the Washington Huskies. The last time the Trojans beat a top-ranked team was on November 10, 1984, when they beat Washington 16-7.