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USC Vs. Cal: Matt Barkley's Stellar Day Is Done

The USC Trojans lead the Cal Bears 45-7 as we head to the fourth quarter, in what has easily been the Trojans' best game to date this season. After playing two series in the third quarter, Matt Barkley's day is done.  Barkley ended his day 25-for-37 for 351 yards with no interceptions, and tied a USC record with five touchdowns, the second time Barkley has thrown for five scores this season.

Barkley threw for a career-high 390 yards last week against Stanford.

Mitch Mustain is now playing quarterback for the Trojans, although his role will mostly be to hand off to C.J. Gable and his fellow running backs. Through three quarters, USC has 163 yards on 24 carries, an average of 6.8 yards per rush.

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