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UCLA Basketball: AD Dan Guerrero Responds To Reported NCAA Investigation

The UCLA Bruins have a big issue to deal with regarding figuring out the recruitment of Shabazz Muhammad and Kyle Anderson. Supposed dealings in their recruitment could make them ineligible to be amateur athletes, stripping them of the chance to ever play UCLA basketball.

UCLA athletic director Dan Guerrero had this remark about Muhammad and Anderson's recruitment, stating that while he could not publicly comment on the situation and name names that could be under investigation, he did acknowledge that two student-athletes are still waiting to receive word on their amateur status. Peter Yoon of ESPN Los Angeles files this report.

"Recently, there have been misleading and inaccurate public reports regarding the initial-eligibility certification of our men's basketball team's incoming class," Guerrero's statement said. "Currently, there are two men's basketball student-athletes who have not yet received final amateurism certification from the NCAA."

With Tony Parker cleared, that leaves Anderson and Muhammad (which is what sources in the program appear to have confirmed). Muhammad has yet to play or practice with the Bruins, but Anderson did accompany and participate with UCLA in their exhibition trip to China. The certification or rejection of these two players regarding their amateur status could severely cripple UCLA's ability to contend this season.

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