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UCLA Vs. Oregon State: Jim Mora Discusses Bruins Football Strategy

The UCLA Bruins have a lot to deal with this week when they take on the Oregon St. Beavers. They know that Pac-12 play will involve familiar opponents who are well-acquainted with their offense and defense. Although Oregon State didn't face Noel Mazzone at UCLA, they did face him at Arizona State as their offensive coordinator last season. And the Beavers and Bruins appear to be tangoing with approximately the same personnel.

Jim Mora talked about the strategy going into this week's game. Miguel Melendez has some quotes along with accompanying video.

On possibly moving personnel:
No, not really. It could influence what defenses we play. When you're playing a spread team you're playing a lot more your dime personnel. This week if they're going to three tight ends we're not going to dime. We're staying in our 3-4 stuff. In general if they're going three tight ends, a back and a wide out .. .if they put big guys on the field we want to put big guys on the field. If they put speed on the field, we want to put speed on the field.

Indeed, it makes sense for UCLA not to get too far away from the identity they've started to create the last three games. A win against the Beavers sets them up nicely to be 5-0 (their next game is against hapless Colorado).

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