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VIDEO: UCLA Football Head Coach Jim Mora Interviewed By SB Nation Studios

One of those head coaches coming in with a lot of scrutiny surrounding his hire is the younger Jim Mora. Mora was hired by the UCLA Bruins to replaced the recently disposed Rick Neuheisel, and he is hoping to bring UCLA football back to its glory days. There are a lot of expectations that come with this job, and he is going to have a lot to deal with in his first season to try and get UCLA back on the right track.

Dan Rubenstein of SB Nation Studios managed to catch up with Mora at Pac-12 Media Day, and they touched on a great set of subjects, particularly the transition that comes with going from the pro football game (where he has coached all his life) to the college game (this will be his first time in college). Check out the video interview after the jump (and a host of other interviews with Pac-12 personalities by clicking here for the additional videos).

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