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UCLA Football: Bruins Offense Hopes For Revitalization With Noel Mazzone

The UCLA Bruins are soon going to learn how good their offense is. As they transition from the two year failure that was the Pistol, the Bruins will start trying to air the football out. UCLA offensive coordinator Noel Mazzone will be coming over from a stint at Arizona State. UCLA has a pass-heavy intensive offense this season that will rely more on quick passes that spread the field out and force defenses to account for the full field.

Peter Yoon of ESPN Los Angeles files this report on hope in Westwood that the offense will produce explosive results.

"It’s a more exciting, big-play offense," quarterback Brett Hundley said. "The Pistol was a great offense, too, but this spread is probably going to be more entertaining to watch. It's fast tempo, fast action, big plays and you’re just making things happen."

Mazzone used it quite effectively at Arizona State. In his first year in Tempe, the Sun Devils ranked No. 15 in the nation in passing offense at 286.42 yards per game and were No. 28 in scoring at 32.25 points per game.

The issue for the Bruins will still be execution and whether they can really manage to produce on a consistent basis, with an uncertain offensive line up front and a new quarterback in Brett Hundley. The Bruins have a lot to expect from each of these guys in a short period of time, especially when trying to install a new scheme in one year.

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