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UCLA Football Camp Update: Bruins, Brett Hundley In Game Week Preparation

The UCLA Bruins transitioned into game-week preparation Sunday, with their football season opener at Rice less than four days away.

Coach Jim Mora, historically an upbeat guy, said the important thing for his team is to primarily worry about itself, with not much information available on the Owls. He figures that as the game goes along, the Bruins will make whatever adjustments they need to make as they see more of what Rice does.

But Mora was tight-lipped about plenty of other things, specifically if redshirt freshman Kevin McReynolds will be switched from defensive line to offensive line long-term. "We switch guys around all the time," Mora told the UCLA athletics website. Mora also said that they want to give quarterback Brett Hundley some early play calls that will make him feel comfortable in his first game.

Mora didn't want to share information about how specific players performed in practice out of concern that the Rice coaches would see reports and scout accordingly. But he did say that while he has typically scripted the first 15 to 20 offensive plays in accordance with the many West Coast offensive philosophies and staffs he has worked with throughout his coaching career, the Bruin coaches won't employ that strategy, at least for the Rice game.

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