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UCLA Basketball Outscores Tsinghua University By Only 48 Points

UCLA's star recruit Shabazz Muhammad may be ineligible to play on the team's exhibition trip to China, but the team appears to be managing without him. The Bruins squeaked by Tsinghua University in their exhibition game, pulling out a 116-68 victory. Stats from the nail-biter as well as more on UCLA's trip to China behind the jump.

Via the UCLA Men's Basketball Twitter, we learn that junior forward David Wear led the team in scoring, picking up 22 points as well as a team-high 15 rebounds. Incoming freshman Kyle Anderson also had a strong game, posting 11 points and 13 rebounds.

The Bruins have a lot to think about while they're outscoring their opponents nearly 2-to-1. The team has spent time learning the ins and outs of Chinese etiquette, as well as how to avoid the kind of brawls that have broken out in previous exhibition games. From the LA Times:

Their pre-trip seminar emphasized remaining calm and avoiding confrontations. Also, never leave your chopsticks upright in a bowl of rice — that is how Chinese honor their dead — and watch out for the clear liquor often served at banquets.

Judging by the results, they're taking the advice to heart.

Stick with SB Nation Los Angeles for more on the UCLA Men's Basketball team in China. For all things UCLA Athletics, head over to Bruins Nation.