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UCLA Football: Nebraska Season-Opener To Have Postgame Fireworks

The UCLA Bruins have had their fair share of missteps this offseason with regards to their football team. They frankly would be okay if they'd just manage to correct things on the field, but because of those issues the spotlight shines brighter on all of them.

Take this seemingly innocuous story involving UCLA's Athletic Department trying to take the initiative and give their team the support they need. But is it the right move?

This seems like an ill-advised idea if things don't go according to play. Yes, the fireworks will help bring in UCLA fans who might have been reticient to buy tickets to begin with. So it could be very popular and help raise interest in the team at the start of the season to help put them on the right path.

But can you imagine how pleased Nebraska's coaches must be at this news? What could be a greater incentive to win a football game than spoiling the home team's postgame celebration.

If everything works out and UCLA wins, this could be a nice culmination of a great victory and a solid start to building buzz for the season.

It could either be a great success or fail miserably. Will UCLA be able to give the fans what they want during the game so they can revel in the celebration afterwards?

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