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Shabazz Muhammad Recruiting: Four ESPN Experts Pick UCLA

There comes a day for every fan base when they really hope the experts are right. In terms of possible UCLA basketball recruits, that day has come.

A panel of seven ESPN experts listed the schools they feel the top remaining unsigned prospects are headed to and four of them have Shabazz Muhammad (no. 2 in the ESPNU 100) headed to UCLA, while the other three have him headed to Kentucky.

Muhammad is one of the top-two big fish still remaining, along with Nerlens Noal. If Muhammad lands at UCLA, the Bruins will automatically be one of the teams on the rise in the Pac-12 and nationally.

Three experts have Tony Parker (no. 26 in ESPNU 100) and one has Savon Goodman (no. 100 in ESPNU 100) headed to UCLA as well. The likelihood of getting all three is small. The likelihood of getting two is better. But the fact that UCLA is back battling for top-tier talent is a good sign of things to come.

College basketball is just better when UCLA is one of the elite programs in the country and at least a Muhammad coup would put them back there.

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