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Oregon Vs. Colorado: Buffaloes Keep Fight, Lead Ducks 34-33

The Oregon Ducks are the only Pac 12 bubble team that didn't end their season with a loss, but they trail at halftime to the Colorado Buffaloes in the Pac 12 tournament 34-33. As you'd expect from the score, the two teams have played a fairly evenly matched game. Colorado has been far more efficient, shooting 50% from the field, but thus far it hasn't led to Colorado pulling away in the game.

Colorado and Oregon have also done a good job reversing a disturbing trend in the Pac 12 tournament, and have a favorable field goals to turnovers ratio. 29 field goals in the first half to just 12 turnover is the best ratio of the day at halftime. What's keeping Oregon in the game is their rebounding. They've been able to take so many more chances than Colorado because they've grabbed 11 offensive rebounds.

Neither team has a player in double digit scoring, as it's been a group effort by both schools. If Oregon shoots at a more efficient clip, and Colorado can't get players in the paint to stop those offensive rebounds; look for the Ducks to break out in the second half. However, if the Ducks can't find their stroke, Colorado shout be able to hold on for a close victory.

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