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Washington Vs. Oregon State: Beavers Finish Upset, Final Score 86-84

The Pac 12 regular season champion Washington Huskies are slipping off the bubble, after losing in the Pac 12 tournament to the ninth seeded Oregon State Beavers 86-84. The Beavers let slip a 15 point lead, and had to overcome an 8 point lead the Pac 12 champs built. Oregon State got the lead back with 30 seconds left and found a way to hold on.

Devon Collier and Jared Cunningham will be big men on the Oregon State campus after putting in 19 and 18 points respectively. However, it was Troy Wroten for Washington and his 29 points that made this a game again. The guard was 10-19, and made 9 free throws to put Washington back on top in the second half.

The last minute came down to free throws, and after Jared Cunningham hit a layup at the 30 second mark to give OSU the lead; the two teams missed six straight free throws to keep the game 84-83. It was Cunningham again who was able to hit his charity shots, which ultimately won the game for OSU.

Washington only has one win over a team in the RPI 75, and it's best out of conference win is against UC Santa Barbara with an RPI of 124. It's up in the air whether or not the Huskies will make the tournament. Oregon State would have to win the tournament to have a shot at March Madness.