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Washington Vs. Oregon State: Beavers Lead, Halftime Score 46-33

The number one seed in the tournament is in danger of being tossed from the quarterfinals, as the Washington Huskies currently trail the Oregon State Beavers 46-33 at half time. Oregon State has three players in double digit scoring, which allowed them to pull away as the half ended. Washington has relied upon the three point shot, and going 4-13 from behind the arc is a big reason for why they currently trail. If they are eliminated from the tournament, it will certainly hurt their bid for the tournament as no Pac 12 team is a lock to move on.

The Beavers were led by Ahmad Starks, Devon Collier, and Jared Cunningham who had 11, 10 and 10 points respectively. That proved overwhelming for Washington which had only Troy Wroten finish with 10 points. The Beavers' fifth best scorer has seven points, while Washington's fifth best has two. Oregon State is also running away with the game in the paint, leading that battle 32-20.

More assists and fewer turnovers will go a long way to getting Washington back in this game, but even more necessary will be finding an offense that can rely on high percentage shots. As long as Oregon State can continue to get into the paint and secure second chance points, the Beavers should be moving on in the tournament.